Suspension Upgrade: Part 1

I decided to go ahead and order a set of coilovers. I’ve been running the Koni Yellows and GC Sleeve Kit for about 3 years now and felt it was time to go with a better setup. I want to be able to corner balance the car properly, and wanted to increase my options for spring rates.

My current setup runs 400lb fronts and 500lb rears. The new setup will be approximately 505lb fronts and 675lb rears (9k/12k). So the car should be a bit looser with the new spring rates compared to where it is now. So I won’t need to compensate as much with tire pressure and rebound.

I decided to go with a set of custom valved Fortune Auto 500 Series 5 coilovers with Swift Springs. Still waiting on the coilovers to arrive, but received the springs last week.

I also ordered a set of Voodoo13 rear LCAs to complete the suspension. I had considered just swapping out the bushings from the rear LCAs, but figured that for the extra $100 I might as well save myself the headache of having to remove the OEM units to press in new bushings.

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