Suspension Upgrade Complete

I finally got around to installing the new suspension a couple of weeks back and wanted to share.

I went with Fortune 500 coilovers, valved for 9k (front) and 12k (rear) Swift springs.

Installation was a breeze and I am pleased with the product quality. Even with the stiffer rates, the ride quality doesn’t feel like it has changed any from the Koni’s, which I would consider to be a very streetable setup. I have yet to give them a shot in an autocross, but I’m very much looking forward to it.

In addition to the Fortune coilovers, I also picked up a set of Voodoo billet rear LCAs to replace the worn out stockers. These are made in the USA, and the build quality is exceptional. Installation was a breeze, everything mounted up perfectly.

Suspension install complete.

Having the 90 durometer engine mounts, I also wanted to put some visual markers on the bolts in the engine. Being that they are stiff, the vibration can have the tendency to work bolts out over time. I checked the torque on all of the important engine bay bolts, and marked their relative positions with a paint pen. Now I can give the engine bay a quick visual scan before events to make sure everything is ready to go.


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