AP1 S2000 Greddy E-Manage Ultimate

For those of you that own a 00-05 S2000, you likely are aware that it is extremely expensive to tune. While you have options, they all seem to have their own set if drawbacks; high cost, lack of available tuners, non-working oem sensors, or a combination. I had pretty much abandoned my hopes of gaining mid-range out of my little 2.0L, until I stumbled across a deal for a Greddy E-Manage Ultimate on Facebook. Typically, these units go for $525 brand new. I grabbed the used unit for just $150, which made it a worthwhile exercise.

Unfortunately, it doesnt quite end there. The E-Manage Ultimate has been known to have some drawbacks as a PNP piggyback for the S2000. This led Brian over at Karcepts to develop a way to further turn the Greddy unit into a cost-effective plug-n-play option for 00-05 S2000 owners. He developed a modified wiring harness (based off of Boomslang’s harness) and did a ton of tuning and testing to come up with his base maps.

The promise is that youll get about 90% of the benefit of something like a Hondata KPRO, for less than half the cost. It also doesnt lose functionality of some oem sensors like Haltech and AEM do.

Brian from Karcepts has done extensive testing, and has put together a base tune that he feels is very safe for any S2000 running at least an intake and HFC, though it was developed around intake/header/hfc/exhaust. Since Im not building the car for a specific class, I am going to only be running the intake and hfc. I just dont think the extra few hp that header and exhaust provide are necessary on my car. The biggest improvement is going to come from lowering VTEC and gaining some midrange response. I doubt I would notice any additional benefit for the extra money spent on header and exhaust. And I really dont care to have the noise.

The unit is very easy to install with the Boomslang harness, 100% plug n play. Just unplug the OEM harness and connect the Boomslang in its place. You need to fold the wiring from the harness up in a way that it is out of the way so that you can replace the plastic cover. It takes some coercion, but itll come together.

I ran before and after acceleration testing, from 40-80 mph in 3rd gear. My AP1 made an improvement of about .4 seconds (8.3s v 8.7s), which I’m fairly happy with. I wouldve liked to see better gains, but I think that is just the reality of tuning the 2.0L with a piggyback OTS setup for $800. The KPRO option would cost $2000-2500, for maybe a 20% improvement. On the track, I think that the benefit may be more pronounced with the wider powerband.

Here are the accompanying mods that were added.

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