K&N FIPK Intake for S2000

With the decision to move forward with the Greddy E-Manage + Karcepts base tune, I had to pick up 2 additional parts; an intake and a HFC. This post details some of the things that I ran into, but is not a full installation how-to. since those already exist.

Old intake

OEM intake removed

Air pump and coolant hard lines removed. Since you need to bypass for the intake install. Put some towels down because a couple ounces of coolant will dribble out of the tb

While the intake included some nice step by step instructions, they were in black and white and the verbiage on this part was particularly difficult to follow.

The airbox assembly wasn’t difficult, but was a bit tedious with all the tiny bolts, nuts, and washers. Along with adjustable position brackets. The front-most bracket was tough to reach. Im still not quite sure how well I was able to fasten it down.

All in all, Im happy with the quality of the part. It looks nice in the engine bay, and Im looking forward to the initial drive test to see how it sounds and how everything feels after the EMU.

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