Backyard Special Lowered Seat Bracket

After installing the rollbar, I only had about .5″ of clearance between my helmet and the broomstick test, something that wasn’t sitting well with me. The BYS lowered seat bracket is a nice option, which lowers the seat position by about .8″, essentially mounting the seat base just off the floor. While you lose some of the rearward adjustability, it was a worthy tradeoff for me.

Here is a picture showing my broomstick test before the bracket.

Here you can see that Ive increased to about 1″ of clearance.

The installation is straightforward. You remove the seat, unbolt the seatbelt buckle and base, and bolt the new lowered bracket into place. It utilizes some different hardware, but the steps are the same.



One thing that I noticed is that the seat back doesnt sit quite as flush to the bottom, leaving a small gap. Although the change feels to create slightly more lumbar support.

Im extremely happy with the improvement of this bracket. The change in seating position is slight and noticeable. But not dramatic. No impact on shifting, etc, and I can better see the cluster and traffic lights.

Highly recommended.

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