Tackform Rollbar Mount for GoPro

My previous GoPro mount setup left much to be desired when it came to stability… my last trackday was very eye opening, as the video was distractingly bouncy.

My buddy Q has been running a headrest mount in his M3, from a company called Tackform located in the Chicago suburbs. The mount, even though its extended about 10″, is extremely solid for recording video.

I went to their website and found that they offer a couple of different styles for rollbars. Being that theyre fairly local to me, I called them and was able to get a quick tour of the facility and put together a semi-custom setup for my S2000. Nick, as well as the rest of the team, was really cool and walked me through the different options and all of the articulation you get out of the mount. The mounting points are extremely solid, far more solid that the little plastic mounts that gopro offers. My old rollbar mount was a cheap plastic one that I got for like $10 on Amazon. It was just okay. I used it on my old Civic, but in the S2000 Im a little pickier with the camera position since there is so much more that can be seen.

Here you can see the difference between the two mounts side by side.

The connections on the Tackform mount make the plastic GoPro style mount look like a 3rd grade art project. Each connection cinches down firmly with zero play, to lock in the exact articulation that you need to get the perfect camera angle. With the old plastic mount, you had to be extremely careful even when just removing the camera because the arms would move on you.

The ball joints on each end are made of machined aluminum. These joints allow you to articulate the positioning to get the camera perfectly level. From there, you can use the arms to dial in the position.

Tackform also hooked me up with a 4″ extension arm, giving me the option to push the camera up a tad further in the cockpit in an attempt to capture the driver, as well as some peripheral view.

The dudes at Tackform asked if I could bring the car back for some photos of the mount setup. Below are a few of the ones they edited and sent back to me.

Here is my footage from the trackday on 8/23/2019. Im super happy with how stable the video is, and the POV that it captures.

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