Chicago SCCA HPDE 8/23/2019 Autobahn CC

This past weekend, I attended an HPDE event at Autobahn Country Club in Joliet, IL hosted by Chicago SCCA. The event was run on the South Course.

I finally graduated to the Intermediate Group, and was really happy with how much faster this group was and how good everyone was about point by’s.

The car felt phenomenal on the track, the increased camber up front really seemed to make a difference in the grip in corners. It really felt that I had so much grip that I could utilize. I kept going harder into the turns and just about every time, the AP1 handled it with ease. I began trailbraking more, and it was amazing for getting the car to rotate at turn in. The once I was accelerating through the apex, you could feel the torsen diff kick in and rotate through the rest of the turn and shoot the car out the other side. The brakes had no trouble, either. I had no ABS lock ups, no overheating, no significant brake fade to speak of. But with the S2000, I was trying not to brake very much, and just carry as much speed as possible.

I wound up running a 1:42.40 on my third session, and ran two other 1:42.xx times throughout the day. I feel that I am pretty consistent running around that time right now when I have a clear course ahead.

There are two spots where Im maxing out the gearing, turn 4 and turn 9. Im not sure whether I can carry enough speed to upshift and stay in the higher gear, though. So it may be something that I have to live with. Top speed at 11 was 103mph according to the speedometer. Average speed around the track was 72.5mph.

Tire pressures were set to 30.25f and 29.75r, 6 clicks off stiff up front and 7 clicks off stiff in the rear.

Here is the video of my best lap, and new personal best on ACC-S.

Here is the video with data overlay from Harry’s Laptimer.

My car with Q’s Evo

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