S2000 Interior Plastic Re-Fitting

One of the big things that were holding me back from taking the plunge for the rollbar, is added NVH. So when I ordered the bar, I knew that I had to come up with a solution. This is also the main reason for me keeping the OEM bulkhead in the car for now. But that will likely change this winter when I have a bit more time to evaluate that setup.

The rear drainage trays are first. They only need to be trimmed slightly, to accommodate the rear down bar and harness bar. I used a 2″ hole saw to make the initial hole. And found that the Dremel Multi-Tool and wood blade worked great for making the long straight cuts.

The harness bar contacts the drainage trays, as well as the rear tray. So i had to trim all 3 pieces in the back.

Reinstalled. Not bad.

Next I trimmed and reinstalled the pieces behind the door.

Trimmed and reinstalled the secret compartment and center console. Dont forget to plug BOTH clips back in… I forgot one and had to uninstall the center console again…

Foam padding and vinyl cover installed. Hard Dog sticker removed.

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