S2000 Hard Dog Double Diagonal Install

So I decided that the risk of racing the S2000 on the track without a rollbar was no linger worth it. With a 1 year old at home, and my desire to build an ultimate 1 size fits all hobby car, it just had to be done.

I felt really bad about doing this upgrade, though. After getting the new softtop installed, the car really has taken shape and is extremely clean. I feel that at this point, there is really nothing that needs to be done as far as additional modifications. At least nothing glaring that will affect my enjoyment of it.

The rollbar installation was actually a bigger pain in the ass than I expected it to be. The interior was already out of the car, and I thought it would be a breeze getting everything mounted up. While its not “hard” work, its one of those jobs that just takes longer than you feel it should.

Cutting the access holes in the wheel wells was fairly grueling. I used about 8 different tools at various points in time, and it takes about an hour per hole. I found that using the angle grinder to get a long straight cut in the bottom worked best, then alternative between the multi-tool and dremel with metal cutoff wheels to get the rest. You need a lot of dremel cutoff wheels and about 3 carbide multitool blades.

The below picture shows every tool that was used in the cutting/drilling of these two holes.

I got better the second time around.

Then i hit the openings with some 3M rubberized undercoating.

Completed the rollbar install, torqued everything to about 40 ft-lbs and loctite on the threads.

This is the setup that I used to drill the last rear holes from beneath. Malco 10″ impact extension and impact drill bit. Luckily I sell Malco products, so I had this in my truck.

Seatbelts and bulkhead in.

Taped up the wheel well openings with butyl flashing tape. The nice thing about selling building materials, is that I have access to a lot of premium stuff for free 🙂 this stuff is super sticky, strong, and thin.

I then hit it with 2 coats of 3M Rubberized Undercoating.

I still need to address the rear mounts, but I dont think that those ones are really as crucial to seal up.

Took the car for a little joyride to make sure that everything felt good, and I didnt have any abnormal creaks or pops. Everything seems nice and tight, so I think Im good.

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