Hard Dog Double Diagonal Rollbar for S2000

Well, after some serious consideration, I finally took the plunge and purchased a rollbar for the S2000… while I really didnt want to alter the stock interior, and am really rather happy with the car as it sits, I decided that it wasnt worth the risk of leaving my wife and daughter in the event of a rollover.

I ultimately chose to go with the Hard Dog Double Diagonal + Bulkhead Bar for a few reasons.

  • Allows you to fully retain and operate the center glovebox
  • Built-in harness bar
  • Bulkhead bar allows you to keep the OEM 3 points, while also being able to use harnesses
  • Proper harness angle
  • Option for form fit padding and vinyl wrap for a nice, clean look

Others that I considered were the EVS and the Ballade, along with a few other configurations for the Hard Dog. I originally was leaning toward the double diagonal without the bulkhead bar, and cutting up the interior plastics to fit around it. But ultimately decided that I would rather not cut up all of my plastics, and instead will attempt to make some kind of bulkhead cover panels and overlay them with carpeting.

Once ordered, the bar arrived within 3 business days. The carton that it was packaged in was double layered thick cardboard, custom fit and stapled securely. The baseplates were secured within the carton, with additional thick cardboard to precent it from shifting.

The bar was draped with some packing material, and the main hoop was also wrapped in packing material.

I really wish that they would choose a more basic logo for their sticker though. I would be happy to leave something there to help advertise for them, but the flame is just a bit too cheesy for my taste. So I will be removing that.

Build quality appears to be top notch, and I am very happy with my purchase thus far. We will see how it fits in a few weeks!

Ive decided to stick with the OEM bulkhead for now. To give myself some time to come up with a mounting solution for the plastic interior pieces. Removing the full interior is really not something that Im interested in doing at this point.

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