S2000 Shifter Rebuild

I decided to knock out the shifter rebuild today. Its not something that I think was 100% necessary, but I figured it was worthwhile on a car thats 20 years old.

I didnt take many pictures because it was over 100* in my garage, and you can find step-by-steps on google pretty easily.

Here is the before pics. You can see that the grease is very dry and there is not much of it.

With the bushings removed and wiped clean.

The new bushings all greased up. Then I reinstalled it.

I havent had a chance to drive the car since rebuilding the shifter, so I cant totally comment on the impact just yet. But initial feel seems a little bit smoother. But the old components weren’t terribly worn. So I dont expect the day/night affects that some people experience.

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