Sierra Soft Top Install

Well, i finally bit the bullet and replaced the ratty oem plastic soft top. It was time. The rear plastic was cracked and fogged to hell, pretty much unusable. It really detracted from the car when it was up.

I wound up taking the car to a local S2000 guy, who replaces soft tops on the side. He is known on the forums for his Rain H8r valve cover mod. He did a fantastic job, and paid great attention to detail throughout the process. It was well worth the money to not have to try and do this job myself.

All done. I really couldnt be happier with how it changes the car. I still have the rear defroster wiring that needs to go in. But otherwise, the soft top is complete. I left out a portion of the interior panels because I am planning to install the rollbar next.

I also had time to tuck the wiring for the headrest speakers.

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