Chicago SCCA HPDE: 6/8/2019

This past weekend, I was able to get back out onto Autobahn South for what was a mostly dry-ish day. The clouds spit some light rain for pretty much the entire day, but I was able to catch a dry 3rd session.

The car felt great with the new alignment and fsb set to full stiff. For my 3rd session, i set my hot PSI to 32front and 29.25rear. Dampers were set to 6 clicks front and 7 clicks rear.

I managed to run a 1:47.27, which I was very happy with for what was essentially my second dry trackday ever, and second time running autobahn south. About 2.5s faster than my fastest last year on the stock setup.

48032134843_3ddf4441fe_o (2)48031895196_b325541484_o (2)48032156257_faa7c3b365_o (2)

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