Chicago SCCA HPDE 5/11/2019

After months and months and months of anticipation, my first HPDE of the year finally arrived. Unfortunately for us, the weather wound up taking a turn for the worst, with temps ranging the lower 40s and rain throughout the entire afternoon.

After I was unable to shakedown the new setup ahead of time at an autocross due to snow (yes, snow. In april…) this HPDE became my test n tune. Furthermore, it was the first time with the new square wheel/tire combo, which still had stickers and mould release to scrub off.

This was my first time on Autobahn Full. It was a fun track, but A little bit long. I definitely prefer ACC-South, because you get more laps and I think you can focus on improving in more places. I believe that to be the case, at least at my experience level.

Setup impressions:


The damping on the Ohlins FPSpec coilovers from Sakebomb Garage felt great on the track, and the dampers were very good through the course with fantastic feel. With the fsb set to middle and the square wheels, though, it felt almost dangerously loose. And I had a hard time carrying much speed through tighter sections on the course, which affected my confidence. I believe that the tires played a part in this, because I was sorting out pressures and trying to get them scrubbed in. The weather didnt help scrubbing in the tires, either.

My plan for the next event is to move the fsb to the stiffest setting (already done), start my pressures at 34f/32r, and damping to 6 clicks f and 8 clicks r.

Im also looking at swapping out the 12k rear springs for 10k’s. So well see.


While it was difficult to get much heat through the brake system to get a good feel for braking power, fade, etc… The Ballade large rotor kit felt great on track. I didnt feel any negative effects to brake modulation, and the brakes felt like they were ready on-demand with greater stopping power than previously available. Im excited to put them through the paces at the next event.


Im not sure whether its just been a long time since I got on throttle hard or if the lighter wheels really had an effect, but the car felt more lively to me. I felt like the acceleration was harder and the car was more responsive. It revved quicker to redline than I remembered, and actually made me feel like it was pressing me into the seat as I mashed it on a few of the straights.

Im going to re-do my 20-60mph times and see if I picked up any measurable change there. But it may not totally translate apples to apples to the effects on track because im in a different powerband. But it will be interesting data, nonetheless.

Timing Equipment

This was the first event that I used Harrys Laptimer with Bad Elf GPS and OBDLink MX+. It all seemed to work okay, but a bit finnicky. I think that I need to turn on background app refresh, and that will fix issues with losing satellites, having to keep reloading the track data, etc. Ill do a more thorough writeup on my setup after the next event.

Here is a video from my spins

Here is a video from the second 10 minutes of one of my earlier sessions.

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