Finally here! Volk ZE40 S2000 Spec

Well, after 6 months of HIGH anticipation. They are finally here. And JUST IN TIME for the 5/11 trackday.

Their journey was long, having been manufactured jn Japan, then freighted overseas via shipping container. Hitting the port on 4/26, clearing customs on 4/28. They shipped from CA on 4/29, and were delivered to SPS in St Louis on 5/7, and the Bridgestone RE71r’s were then mounted and balanced. The wheels were driven up to Chicago by my good buddy Q on 5/11. Fitted and driven straight to the track.

Phew. What a journey. From the church to the palace… manufacturing facility to the track. Theyve fulfilled their destiny, reaching their true natural habitat.


Size: 17×9, +61 offset

Color: Bronze

Weight: 15.7 lb

The wheels will be held to the car with a set of STM Titanium lug nuts.

Weight difference over OEM AP2V2 setup (per corner)

Front wheels: 15.7 – 20.38 = -4.68lb

Front tires: 25 – 24 = +1

Front lugs: .92oz – 2.1oz = -1.18oz per lug (-.37lb per 5 lugs)

Front weight savings per corner: -4.05lb

Rear wheels: 15.7 – 21.73 =

Rear tires: no change

Rear lugs: .92oz – 2.1oz = -1.18oz per lug (-.37lb per 5 lugs)

Rear weight savings per corner: -6.40lb

The difference in weight should be pretty darn noticeable on-track, and should translate to improved lap times. Between the weight savings, wider contact patch, square setup, and properly matched wheel/tire widths, I expect big things from this setup.

Unfortunately, though, the increase in weight of the larger brake rotors will likely cancel out a good chunk of the reduction. Its a good thing I went with the light wheels, otherwise I wouldve added a good amount of weight to each corner.

Enough with the talking. Here they are

After the trackday, all covered in brake dust. They look sexy with the big rotors peaking through.

After being washed

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