S2000 Trackday Prep

Prior to the upcoming trackday on 5/11, I wanted to bleed the brakes and clutch. The brakes I had done last summer, but with the ABS system fluid and stuff, the fluid in the reservoir was already getting dark.

I sucked the fluid out of the reservoir with a turkey baster, refilled the reservoir with fresh fluid, and gravity bled the lines. The order I used was RF, LF, LR, RR.

Gravity bleeding takes longer than traditional bleeding, but I feel like the pedal feel is superior and being able to do the job with 1 person is a bonus.

I also took the opportunity to bleed the flush new fluid into the clutch. It was starting to get late, so I almost didnt, but when i looked at the fluid in the reservoir I knew it had to be done.

The clutch fluid was a dark golden brown color, and at the bottom of the reservoir there was a dark black metallic-y buildup. I actually spent a good amount of time sucking all of that out and wiping it with paper towels. It looks almost perfect now.

I also used the time during bleeds to copy one of my buddy Q’s tricks of taping the exposed threads on the coilovers to prevent corrosion and dirt buildup. Painters tape is sufficient, and wont leave gummy adhesive residue on the threads once removed.

Test fitted phone/timer mounting, along with the GPS.

Quick shot of the car as it sits now, waiting for the ZE40s to arrive.

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