Alignment & Corner Balance Specs

I brought the car into Mike Piecko at Red Mist Automotive in Gilberts, IL. Which is conveniently located only about 10 minutes from my house.

Im very happy with the results of both the corner balance and the alignment. He was able to squeeze out a ton of camber on the car, surprising since i didnt add any camber adjustment.

Weight without driver ballast, 2/3 tank gas: 2,761 lbs

LF: 663

RF: 725

LR: 720

RR: 653

Weight after corner balance, with 238lb driver ballast: 2,997

LF: 761

RF: 713

LR: 799

RR: 723

Crossweight balance 50.4%

Alignment specs:

-3.4 front camber

-3.3 rear camber

1/16″ front toe-out

1/32″ rear toe-in

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