Unboxing and Install: OEM Black Optional H Emblems

These are a subtle upgrade that the untrained eye wouldnt notice. But I like them much better than the standard emblems. These were an OEM option in 00-01, and will actually be a little easier to wash/detail.

I ordered them from Ballade Sports. Front and Rear.

Installation is very easy on these emblems. Just use a hairdryer or heat gun to heat them a tad, then use some fishing line to cut through the adhesive backing.

The new front badge is slightly larger than the original emblem.

Fishing line cutting through the adhesive.

Then gently remove.

Use some 70% isopropyl alcohol to rub off the adhesive and gently remove the thicker foam stuff with your fingernail.

Then i used the heat gun to heat up the adhesive strips on the back of the new emblem. On the front bumper, you will need to slip your hand behind the bumper near the hood release. This will allow you to apply some pressure behind where the new emblem is installed, and prevent the ABS bumper from flexing. Its a tight fit, so this is critical to ensure that the emblem gets fully pressed in.

For the rear, its just a duplication of the efforts from the front. Except there are two small plastic nubs that you need to remove with a needle nose pliers prior to installation of the new emblem.

The difference is extremely subtle, especially in the pictures. But they look great, and Im very happy with how it turned out.

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