SBG Setrab Oil Cooler Install

Installing the oil cooler took about 3 hours start to finish. Which included draining and refilling the oil. It wasnt a difficult job, but there were definitely some pain in the ass moments. I also felt that some of the components couldve been better designed to avoid chipping the paint off of the Setrab Oil Cooler.

The included instructions also left much to be desired. The bracket included for the driver side of the cooler was a different design than in the instructions. And I had to remove and reinstall it because it wasnt lining up properly. Also, it is definitely easier to first install the brackets, then fasten the oil cooler to the brackets. The instructions say to first fasten the bracket to the cooler, then install.

Installing the sandwich plate was pretty straightforward. But getting the lines installed had its frustrating moments. I actually still need to go get a stubby box wrench so that I can snug up the lines at the sandwich plate.

After the installation, you need to refill the engine with oil and prime the engine to get the oil pressure up and fill the lines. I still would like to get some pieces of large hose to wrap the tubing in a couple of spots that Im afraid of rubbing.

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