Sakebomb FP Spec Swaybar Installations

I didnt take step by step installation pictures of this. I had already done a rear swaybar installation, so that post can be reviewed again.

The rear swaybar installation is pretty straightforward. Disconnect the rear muffler hangers from the hanger bushings. Then unbolt the bar, and slip it out.

The new bar goes back in by reversing the steps. But you MUST use ramps, or something else to keep the wheels properly loaded when you fasten the endlinks to avoid preloading the suspension and eliminate clunking. I also put some bushing lube on the new swaybar bushings.

The sakebomb rear swaybar is a tiny 21mm diameter, weighing just 4lbs.

The installation took me just over an hour. The one thing that Im not crazy about is that the design of the bar allows it to pass extremely close to the rear diff bushings. If i push it upward, it actually can hit the nuts holding them in. So I will probably put some kind of adhesive rubber between it to avoid it making hard contact and rubbing through the paint finish.

For the front swaybar, its very straightforward as well. Took me a little under an hour.

You need to first remove the belly pan to expose the bar. It has like 8 plastic clips holding it on. I was very careful removing them, but then got to the two that were on the outside up near the coilover area. I had to break those to get it out. Luckily i had a bag of brand new OEM clips identical to the ones holding in the pan.

I greased up the swaybar bushings using some bushing grease that I got from Turn In Concepts about 7 years ago. Still like new.

I set the bar to the medium setting to start. This way I can either chose to stiffen or soften the front bar to adjust the handling characteristics.

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