S2000 Sakebomb FPSpec Coilover Install

Installing coilovers on the car is probably one of the most straight forward, low time commitment, effective upgrades that you can do. I love installing coilovers. Its literally 5 or 6 bolts, remove and replace. It completely transforms the car in a way that not many upgrades can.

For the fronts, i started by jacking up the car and removing the wheel. I loosened the nuts on the top hat inside the engine bay, then moved to the strut assembly. I put the jack beneath the LCA and created a slight amount of lift on it.

Removed the lower bolt and the bolt on the brake line. The i removed the bolts holding the upper control arm to give me the clearance needed to remove the assembly. I was working with confined space in my garage so I only had one side jacked up, which results in the swaybar being loaded which holds the raised corner higher in the air. If I had lifted both sides off the ground, I may not have had to remove the bolts on the UCA.

Reinstallation was easy. Just a reversal of the steps. Everything was torqued back to spec

For the rear coilovers, I also grabbed a set of adjuster extensions. This will allow me to make adjustments to the damping easily while being able to keep the rear carpet installed.

The rear install is very straightforward, but access to the top nuts is the biggest problem. Its really tight near the strut top due to clearance issues with the gas tank filler neck.

Ride height is about 13-3/16″ in the rear and about 13-1/8″ in the front. So a slight rake right now. I figure that theyll adjust it when it gets corner balanced

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