Sakebomb Coilover Adjustment Extenders

With the s2000 having horrendously limited access to the drivers side rear strut tower, it makes small adjustments a chore. Not to mention always having to remove/replace the rear carpet and spare tire to do it.

Sakebomb Garage offers their FP Spec adjustment extender kit to solve the problem. It is made of a combination of aluminum pieces and a cable assembly that allows you to twist the coilover adjustment knobs from various articulating angles.

The knobs fasten to the knobs on the rear coilovers using a small set screw. The knob on the extension is anodized to match the Ohlins gold. Very nice touch. There are two threaded nuts near the end of the adjuster that are used for mounting them to the rear carpet.

The completed look is perfect. Super clean, and now I can make adjustments easily without having to remove the carpet or contort my fingers.

Note: the spare tire must be removed in order to use the passenger side extension.

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