S2000 Megan Rear Toe Arm Install

In order to complete the rear suspension, I decided to grab a set of Megan rear toe arms. These toe arms are supposed to correct the AP1 toe curve, and fully eliminate the snap oversteer tendency at the limit. Just one more thing to button it all up.

I picked up this rental ball joint separator from Autozone. Well worth it, made separating the arm super easy. Although a word from the wise, make sure that there is no preload on the suspension when you pop the balljoint. If my hand had been in the way, it probably would broken it. It shot off like a gun when it broke loose.

I extended the length of the arm to be about the same as the OEM arm. But I think itll likely need to be extended when they do the alignment.

Bolt in the new arm. Fasten to OEM spec.

I also decided to lower the coilovers another .65″. It was a little truck-ish before. I think this is a pretty good height.

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