Unboxing: Ballade Sports S2000 Big Rotor Kit

My big rotor kit arrived today, it only took about a week to get here after it was shipped. However. the people at Fedex werent terribly fond of me, being that it was shipped in one 70lb box. The shipping labels got put on the bottom of the carton so the rotors were resting on top of the hardware. I was a bit worried when I began unboxing, but all appears to be good.

The packaging itself for the kit is quite underwhelming. Plain white boxes for the rotors, and the hardware and brackets were all just loosely wrapped in packing material.

The rotors themselves look good, however the finish on the fronts does not match that of the rear. Oddly, the fronts have a nice glossy enamel finish. While the rears are left with a black primer-looking rattle van job reminiscent of a 90s Del Sol owned by a high school wannabe racer. I emailed Ballade to make sure this was correct, and they ensured me that this is how the finish is supposed to be. Okay…

No installation instructions and no stickers or markings denoting “left” and “right” on any parts. So youre left to figure it out on your own.

Function is certainly > form with this kit from Ballade, and while the added stopping power bang for the buck should be great with these, it would be nice to have some kind of premium flair. They certainly dont make you feel like youre unboxing $800 worth of brake rotors.

The black paint on the friction surface will wear off during the bed-in procedure.

Installation step-by-step to come.

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