Ballade Sports Big Rotor Installation

When it comes to improving braking performance, pad compound and increasing the size of the rotors have the greatest impact. Last season, I added a set of Project Mu HC+800 pads, stainless steel lines, and Castrol SRF brake fluid. At the Autobahn trackday in June, everything felt great. But in order to make sure I have the stopping power to go with the additional speed that I plan to carry with the wheel and suspension upgrades.

While BBKs are sexy, I certainly wasnt looking to drop $2500 on a kit, just for the fronts. Ballade Sports offers a great solution that increases rotor diameter by 30mm, both front and rear. This will give me more stopping power, as well as a greater heat sink for preventing the brakes from overheating.

The installation is fairly straightforward, although it was disappointing that BS didnt include some form of installation instructions. They emailed me a couple of pictures of the backside of the rotor should look like with the bracket installed, but that was it. They said to just torque all of the bolts to OEM spec.

After the rotor is removed, you need to trim the dust shield (fronts only). I used a metal snip to trim it back.

The rear rotor installation went easier. No dust shield cutting is required. Its a more simple, remove/reinstall procedure. Took maybe 25 minutes.

Start by disconnecting the e-brake cable, removing the 2 bolts holding the caliper to the hub, then tie it up and out of the way. Install the bracket, then the rotor, then the caliper. Lastly, reconnect the ebrake and heat shield.

A little bit of street driving wore the paint off pretty quickly. Theyre now ready for bedding once I get the corner balance done.

Here they are after the bed-in procedure. Beautiful blue tint to them, got them nice and hot. A slight amount of glazing on the front left, but a few more hard stops and it should be gone.

Its hard to get a feel for the new rotors just from this, but I definitely could feel my ABS wanting to kick in much quicker. With the new wheels and tires, it should be a great complement.

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