Unboxing & Install: S2000 Radium PCV Catch Can

I decided to go ahead and order in a Radium PCV Catch Can kit for my S2000. The AP1 especially, deals with unfortunately poor head drainage. Which, on track, through sustained high G turns can put out a thick puff of white smoke essentially blinding the cars behind you like its a Mario Kart race.

I liked the Radium kit because there was no guesswork, and a straightforward inconspicuous installation.

Last night I had a small window of time to knock out a project, so I decided to do the catch can.

All in all it took about 1.5 hours, but I unfortunately spent 30 minutes fixing some melted wire casings below the brake reservoir… The previous owner mustve had a fluid leak that corroded a few wires below. Luckily they werent completely burned through, so I cased them with some heat shrink.

The installation was very straightforward. Unbolt a couple of brackets, and bolt in the catch can. Then connect the lines. The line coming off the top of the catch can connects to the PCV port on the valve cover. The line coming off the side connects to the PCV port on the intake manifold.

Side note: I also recently had a 220V heater installed in my garage to prevent stuff from freezing in the winter. I cranked it up to 60*F just before I went into the garage, and about 15 minutes into the job I had to take off my coat and work in my t shirt. It was awesome, especially considering it was about 20*F outside.

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