S2000 OEM Headrest Speaker Retrofit

One of the areas of the s2000 (especially the early-model AP1’s) that is lacking is definitely the audio system. The early-model AP1’s are obly fitted with a couple of speakers in the doors. That is it. So at highway speeds you can hardly hear the music playing. Granted, this is a performance car, so the stereo is down the list of priorities behind the amazing driving experience. However, I did want to enhance its performance without altering body panels, or putting out major expenses.

Last week I had a chance to grab a set of OEM headrest speakers. These were an option for 02-03 (maybe 04-05) model years. While many audio snobs will say that these speakers are poor quality and not worth it, I would beg to differ. Theyre an OEM bit, and they do what they intend to do, and that is increase stereo volume to simulate having rear speakers. While they may not blow your socks off, they look great, and serve their intended purpose.

My big concern was that the head unit would not have options to plug in rear speakers. And to my pleasant surprise, it had open wiring slots to do just that.

Here is the wiring diagram of the connector.

To make them work on the 00-01 S2000, I had to solder on some pigtails with wiring clips and plug them into the connector leading to the head unit. This is when having an old spare wiring harness on-hand comes in handy.

After everything was soldered and heat shrunk, it was time to plug everything in per the wiring diagram and give them a shot.

At first the front/rear balance was entirely to the fronts, so i had a brief panic attack that my work had all been for nothing. But once I adjusted the head unit, the sound came humming through.

I still need to tuck all of the wiring and finish connecting the passenger side, but for the most part, this job is complete.

All in all took 2 hours to do. I was lucky to have the old wiring harness laying around. Without it, this job wouldve been a total pain in the ass. Ive also gotten fairly proficient at soldering after all of the wiring issues with my old civic. But if youre learning to solder leave yourself some extra time.

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