Mark’s First Brisket on the GMG

On a whim, I decided to embark upon the journey of my first brisket. A brisket has been something that I’ve wanted to try, but have been too intimidated. After a quick back and forth exchange with Matt, I decided to go for it. Screw it, its only $40 in meat. If it turns out horrible, Im sure my 90# labrador will love it!

I went to Sam’s Club, and had them pull a nice 13.5# full packer brisket from the back for me. I liked the marbling, and thought that the point and flat both looked really nice.

Before I unwrapped it, I made sure that I had my hardcover copy of Franklin Bbq close by for reference of how to trim this sucker. I HIGHLY recommend this book for its content and some great step by step instructions for meat prep and some great recipes!

After it was trimmed, I hit it with a nice dusting of cracked black and white pepper, followed by a light layer of Smokey Rub-inson.

The brisket went back into the refrigerator while I got the smoker cleaned and heated. I threw it on at 11:30pm, fat-side up, point facing the hot side of the smoker. Fuel that was used was Lumberjack Oak Pellets. I also used a water pan that was filled with ACV and water. One of the things that you need to always have in the back of your mind is that every cook is different. The last time i cooked, I had perfect temp distribution left-to-right. This time I had about 40°F difference. Also, this was my first time using Lumberjack 100% Oak pellets, and my GMG seemed to struggle with them. Probably because Oak is so hard.

I woke up every couple of hours to glance at the thermometers I had on my nightstand just to make sure there were no surprises. The temps held nicely through the night, and luckily didnt throw me any curveballs. Although I did have a weird dream about my smoker being in my room and my wife cutting it in half for whatever reason. Haha.

At 7am, I went out to check on it and was pleased with its progress.

At this point, the thermometer was reading 192°F on the point! While the flat was only reading 165°F. So I threw in a second thermometer on the flat and flipped the brisket to fat-side down and flat facing the hot side. I also sprayed it down with some old Magic Hat No. 9 Ive had in my fridge since 2015.

After I flipped, my temps dropped by about 7°F on both sides, and the brisket stalled for about 50 minutes. I turned up the heat a bit and used my mechanical thermometers as my main point of reference. They were registering 225 on the left and 265 on the right.

After about 30 minutes, I decided to refill the water pan with some beer and wrap in butcher paper.

Throughout the next several hours, I monitored the temps on my two probes and continued to rotate the brisket every hour or so to try and even out the cooking rate for both sides. Miraculously, at about 12:30pm, both the point and the flat hit 203°F at the exact same time. Gave it a little jiggle and a peek. Yep, it was done.

We had some friends coming over to meet our new baby girl. They were arriving at 2:30pm. So I dropped the wrapped brisket into a cooler-makeshift-cambro with some towels.

After 2 hours it still felt as hot as it did when I pulled it from the smoker.

Since I wanted to attempt to make some burnt ends, I cut the flat off, wrapped it, and dropped it back into the cambro. And went to work on the point.

I sprinkled them with some dark brown sugar, and gave a light coating of local honey and bbq sauce. Then popped them back into the smoker at 250°F for another 30 minutes. I think I needed to let the point rest a bit longer though, because the meat was just shredding on me. Nonetheless I attempted to keep them cubed as best I could.

Then I moved on to slicing the flat.

The bark was absolutely KILLER and that smoke ring is mesmerizing. The flavor was fantastic, and I think everything turned out great for my first brisket. I also got to show off my new aluminum quarter sheets for plating! Needless to say, the brisket was a hit with my guests and most importantly my wife loved it. And so did my 90# labrador 🙂 you can even see him peeking in the top right of the last pic haha.

I also heated up a couple of snoked sausage links that mat ground, seasoned, and cased himself. They were also fantastic!

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