Raingler 4Runner Rear Seat Barrier

Being a traveling salesman, I am driving my 2014 4Runner about 50,000 per year with anywhere from 100-500 lbs worth of material stuffed in the cargo area. Ive always felt that I should have some sort of cargo barrier, but never really took the time to research an invest in something. Now with our first child expected at any day, I felt that the time was right to finally make the investment.

After some research online, I decided to go with a rear cargo barrier by Raingler. Raingler is a MADE IN USA product, manufactured in Colorado. They’ve got tons of cool gear for safety and cargo holding, and I encourage you to check out their website, Raingler.com

The product is made to order, and took about 4 weeks to receive. I opted for the MIL-SPEC webbing (higher strength) with red stitching. In total, it set me back about $220.

As you can see, the cargo area on my 4Runner is very crowded at any given time, so the barrier is a good idea for added safety in the event of a severe collision. I certainly wouldnt want all of this crap becoming a projectile in a crash.

Installation was very straightforward, and Raingler has several great videos showing how to install all of their various products.

Once the hardware is installed, you route the webbing through all of the loops. Once the net is in place, you tighten everything up. Top straps, bottom straps, middle straps. In total it took about 10 minutes, but I also took the time to vacuum and wipe down my interior. The red stitching complements the red stitching on my Trail Edition door panels nicely.

Build quality appears to be fantastic, everything arrived as expected, and installation was a breeze. The netting doesnt seem like it will be much obstruction in my rearview, and Im sure that Ill quickly get used to it being there.

A cargo barrier has been long overdue, and Im glad to have the added peace of mind and safety of the Raingler product.

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