Grilling on the GMG: Italian Sausage

People often ask if a pellet smoker can replace their everyday propane grill. I also wondered this when I was making my decision to purchase one, and after some research I determined “why the hell not!?”.

Now, the convenience of being able to flip a switch and within a minute or two having 500°F temps is pretty awesome. That is something that a propane grill will always have over the GMG. But if youre willing to give your grill 10-15 minutes to heat up, it is every bit a grill as it is a smoker. Which makes it an extremely versatile appliance.

All this being said, I have completely replaced a gas grill with my GMG, and have no plan to go back.

When I grill, temps of about 375°F or higher, i like to open up the grease tray for direct heat. The new models do not have this feature and many people felt it was unnecessary, however I think it is a design element that changes the function of the GMG from smoker to grill.

I heat up to about 425°F, then throw the food on. Tonight’s meal was Sweet Italian Sausage from Ream’s Meat Market in Elburn, IL. These bad boys are fantastic.

10 minutes on each side and theyre done. ** the ribs are from my last cook, I froze a slab and have been reheating a few of them at a time when I have a taste for them.**


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