6/1/2018 Chicago SCCA PDX Track Day

This past weekend, my 37 weeks pregnant wife was gracious enough to give me all of Friday afternoon/night to go racing for my birthday. With all of the hustle that surrounds preparing for your first child, it was nice to get to have a last hurrah before she arrives. It also didnt hurt my cause that my birthday is just a couple of days away.

The event was hosted by Chicago SCCA, and it was one of their evening PDX events at Autobahn Country Club. We ran the South Course, which was an absolute blast. Its 2.1 miles long with some nice straights, fast turns, and some challenging elements.

This was the first track day that I’ve ever done, so my first session was mainly spent learning the line, learning how to wave and pass other drivers, and watching for flags. About halfway through my first session, I got the hang of it and began going faster.

I ran in the novice group, which was for drivers that had participated in 3 or less events of this nature.

Having competed in autocross really helped me get up to speed quickly, due to understanding proper braking technique, driving lines, shift points, etc. I was pretty terrified going into the event, but I had an absolute blast and think I might be hooked.

The S2000, even in stock form, was phenomenal. It really shines out on the track and gives you a true appreciation of what Honda built back in 1999. The car was everything that I hoped it would be, and not once did I feel the desire to change a single thing on it.

Throughout the day, when I had room to run a lap without getting stuck behind someone I needed to pass, I had consistently run 1:50.xx-1:51.xx. My best run of the day dropped me into the 1:49.xx range, which I was extremely pleased with.


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