Smoked BLT(A)

The BLT. A simple sandwich that combines bread, some vegetables, and the salty, smokey fat goodness of bacon. Over the years Ive heard people say that theyre not a fan of sandwiches where bacon is the star. And if done improperly, I agree.

In my version, we take our time. Smoking the bacon for over an hour, giving it an intense smoke flavor. Then we raise the temperature at the end to crisp it up.

My idea of the perfect bacon is rich in color, the fat rendering down perfectly and crisping on the outer surfaces. It is crispy, but not crumbly. Tender, but not chewy.

Are our mouths watering yet??

So, the bacon… Crank up the smoker and set it to 250°F. This will allow you to infuse the bacon with smoke.

While it may be unnecessary, I flip every 15 minutes. This us what you should have after the first flip.

Now while the bacon is working, prepare the bread. I like sourdough. I dont remember where I learned this, but I have a healthy trick for adding a little x-factor for crisping up the bread… Apply mayonnaise to both sides.

Okay, maybe its not healthy. But I did use light mayo. So style points for me.

After you flip the bacon at the 30-minute mark, throw the bread into the smoker with it.

I let it smoke for 10 minutes, then bumped the heat to 350°F. This is the stage where we crisp the bacon and the crust of the bread. After 10 minutes at 350, i flip.

Another 10 minutes, and it should be looking like this. The grease is hard at work crisping up the bacon.

I then transfer the bacon to a plate with paper towel to cool and wick some grease. Because, lets face it, this sandwich is about good health. The veggies, light mayo, and all…

I also browned the bread lightly in a hot frying pan. This helps the inside dough to better hold its shape when you eat it. But its not “cutting the roof of your mouth” sharp.

assemble this bad boy with your lettuce, tomato, avocado, cracked black pepper, and a bit more mayo. It goes great with a cup of tomato soup!

Dont mind the paper plate. When your wife is 33 weeks pregnant you try to limit the dish creation as best you can.


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