Cleaning your GMG Smoker

Throughout the winter, I typically get a bit lazy with properly cleaning the smoker… so this morning I took some time to thoroughly clean the grease pans and vacuum out the ash. This post will go over some of the steps you can do to bring things back to new without having to soak everything in water.

As you can see, everything is covered pretty heavily with carbon from all the drippings of what ive cooked during the last few months.

First i remove the grates, the grease trays, and the deflector. Then i vacuum out all of the old ash. Really not too bad for a few months of cooking.

Then i use a wire brush on my impact driver to grind off all of the carbon buildup from the stainless steel trays.

I repeat this on the top and bottom of all pieces until it looks like new. You can also use the wire brush on the grates, as well.

I use my grill brush to hit some of the painted surfaces on the grill where grease has built up.

Put everything back together and youre done.

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