Honda Grom Adjustable levers!

So, it’s not quite S2000 related. But let’s be real, Groms are just so damn hot right now. Like hotter than Hansel from Zoolander. I use my Grom as a pit bike, and an occasional run errands around the office bike, and sometimes I just drunkenly start it inside the office for no apparent reason other than to annoy people.

Our Grom is a fantastic pit bike – lightweight, maneuverable, and has just enough zip for 2 bros to go nuts to butts up and down the hills around Road Atlanta. We did make a few small changes: we exchanged the factory airbox for a radiator hose. COLD AIR INTAKE BRO.

We dropped a tooth on the front sprocket: MORE TORQUE BRO.

We did a fender eliminator and LED tailights: SO STEALTH BRO.

We also replaced the factory exhaust to let that one cylinder thumper sing: MORE BRAPZ BRO.

One gripe I’ve always had with the bike is the factory levers. They are long. They are ugly. And my tiny Trump-like hands have trouble with them sometimes. Sometimes when I’m railing on that front brake to do sweet stoppies, I’m inadvertently twisting the throttle.  And nobody gets hot and bothered over some pleb with poor hand control.

So how do we improve control and also impress the ladies? Well I’ve got the thing for you. Check out these sweet RED ANODIZED ADJUSTABLE REACH LEVERS. UGHHHH. SO MUCH CAM ACTION. HNGGGG. SUCH SHORT REACH. *MOANING* MUCH LEVER. WOW.

Those little doo-dads (levers on levers) adjust a cam which then dictates how far the lever sits from the bar. This does not influence how the brake lever presses on the master cylinder plunger or how the clutch lever pulls on the cable (make sure to adjust your cable after lever installation to remove the slack).

Installation is stupid simple. You’ll need a 10mm and a large flat head. Remove 10mm nut on each. Remove the bolt that passes through (brake lever side uses 10mm head, clutch has a slotted head for a flat head). Line up the lock collar and the barrel adjuster, dial it all the way in to give you some slack, and yank that sucker out. Still following me? No? Too bad. Pop those Chinese potmetal garbage ass stock levers out and install your SICK BLING BLING Chinese Potmetal levers instead. Installation is reverse of removal.

Impressions? I should have done the shorty levers instead of the long levers. The brake lever at the shortest reach will bottom out on the bar/grip. The clutch lever at the shortest reach… not much shorter than stock. Weird. But they feel great. Looks? Well it looks like I just discovered the internet and ordered the cheapest levers of Ali Baba… well… because I did.

Line up the slots on the barrel adjuster with the lever. Then pull the housing away from the lever, the ferrule will then be freed, and you can pull the cable and end out of the lever.
Both levers are held in with a 10mm nut and bolt.
New lever on shortest setting vs stock
How to reinsert the cable.

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