Vintage Momo Corse Racing Bucket Seat

A few months ago I picked up a vintage Momo Corse seat for $90 with the hope of being able to use it for track in my S2000. The seat has a crack in the shell, and I had hoped that I may be able to have it repaired. If not, it would make a cool gaming seat or something for my nephews.

I test fitted the seat today, and it does fit in the cockpit very well. I also think it looks pretty cool in the AP1. Very nostalgic.

However, its unlikely that the seat will ever wind up in a car again. Im not sure that its worth fixing, and even if I did I still barely pass the broomstick test with it resting on the floor of the car. The likely scenario if I ever start tracking more seriously is that I would need to get a rollbar and a safer seat and harness setup.

Thought I would share the pictures though.

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