Pyrotect Helmet Shield Replacement

When I ordered my new helmet, I also decided that it may be a good idea to get a lightly tinted shield. Having the convertible, and racing mostly with the top down, the glare of the sun on bright days could really wreak havoc. I know a lot of people say they just wear sunglasses, but i never liked the way they felt under the padding.

I opted for the gold chrome finish. It is basically a light tint shield with a yellow/gold reflective outer shell to make it look sexy as hell.

The light tint, chrome, blue chrome, and gold chrome shields all have the same degree of light tint. The amber shield will improve color definition for overcast and low light conditions. And the dark tint is for extremely bright landscapes.

The first thing to do is to un-screw the old shield from the helmet. I used a flat head screwdriver for the top screw, and a small torx bit for the lower screw. Although the top screw is made of plastic or something, so be very careful not to ruin it.

Now the old shield is removed.

Next, carefully slip the new shield over the helmet. Gently snug up all of the fasteners to hand tight. I alternated sides as i did this, just to prevent misaligning.

Snug up all of the fasteners, and admire your work!

Here is a shot showing the degree of the shield tint. The shield is slightly opened. I think this will be a perfect amount of tint without being too dark.

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