Hipro Power Yellow Highbeams

As a fan of classic Japanese sports cars, a trend that Ive always liked it yellow high beams. All of my sports cars in the past have had them, and its just something that I enjoy the look of.

I picked up a set of Hipro 3000K bulbs from Amazon for like $12, and installed them today. They seem to be of decent quality, the reviews are mixed about the life of them. But I dont daily the car, nor am I driving much at night. So I would expect them to last for a while under my driving habits.

Installing them is a little tricky since youve pretty much gotta go at it blind. I basically just kept taking pictures at each step to help me visualize what I was doing.

First, unplug the light from the socket.

Next, there is a rubber insulating boot that needs to be removed. Grab it by the small tap sticking out of it and pull work it out.

After the rubber boot is out, you can see the wire clip that holds in the bulk. Press it out of the plastic hook, and flip it out of the way. It is on a hinge, so dont worry about losing it.

Remove the bulb and socket, and take note of the orientation of the bulb. It will only fit into the light housing in 1 direction. There are dimples in the base of the bulb itself that fit in a certain way.

The drivers side on the s2000 is a little trickier, because you have to remove the coolant overflow reservoir. Its held in by just a small tab and lifts right out.

It actually only took me maybe 3 minutes in total to change the drivers side, and maybe 10 minutes to do the passenger side. Probably because i had all of the steps down, but I also felt like the angle of approach was a little better. Not sure whether thats true or not, though.

Finished. Its tough to see how they will look until the car is out in the sun. So I will need to wait until i have a nicer day to pull it outside and see. I will update the post when I have a better picture.

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