TrunkNets Tow Hook License Plate Mount

Illinois is a terrible state to live in, for many reasons. While I won’t get into things like taxes, potholes, debt, slow economic growth, endless road construction, crappy weather… Worst of all, is that we must have a front license plate. And the police actually enforce it because our state is so flipping broke!

So… after I got my s2000, i found that the front bumper had never been tapped for a front plate. And I definitely didn’t want to drill holes in my factory bumper. After doing a quick search on Amazon, I found a front license plate mount that screws into the tow hook.

Now, for a $29 part on Amazon, I must say that I set my expectations of quality pretty low. I thought for sure this thing was going to arrive with cheap chinese welds, poor finish, and hardly legible “english” instructions. If it came with instructions at all.

I was pleasantly surprised with the product that I received. It came with everything needed to install both the bracket and the plate, nice step-by-step installation instructions, a nice black anodized post to screw into the bumper, and a well powdercoated plate. The design is well thought out, and it allows you to mount the plate in an orientation that best suits the looks of the car.

Installation is straightforward, and everything went together without a hitch. The one thing is that it came with a Torx25 for the screws to fasten the plate, however the screws included were Torx27.

Remove the front cap for the tow hook. After i removed mine i covered it in electrical tape and put it in my glove box.

Insert the main peg, and tighten by hand. Once snug, give it a little more torque using a 5/8″ socket.

Once thats complete, get the plate back bracket fastened lightly. Do not fully torque down yet, as youre going to need to position the plate before doing so.

Then determine where you would like your plate to be positioned. Then use the 4 tiny machine screws to fasten the plate back in place.

As an added precaution to prevent my plate from wearing down the finish on the plate back, i wrapped the edges of the bracket with electrical tape.

Once the bracket is oriented in the position you want, torque down the machine screw to set the plate back onto the tow hook post.

Last, install the plate. I thought that it looked like crap without a plate frame, so I dug up an old Mugen frame from when I got my Civic. The kit even includes some black screw caps. Which, when used without a cover, I felt stand out like a sort thumb. But with the cover I think they look alright.

Overall, I’m very happy with the license plate bracket. It exceeded my expectations, and I would recommend this product.

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