S2000 Striker Replacement

Over time, the original strikers are going to wear out on the S2000. The contact made between the latch on the soft top and the striker eventually wears a groove into the metal, preventing the top from sealing properly against the windshield. This creates above normal cabin noise from wind turbulence as you drive at higher speeds. I noticed a “billowing” sort of noise from about 55mph and higher.

The job is very easy, and took me about 45 minutes all said and done. Maybe even a little less.

I ordered the hardware from HARDTOPGUY, and actually chose to go with “hardtop strikers”. That way if I ever want to go with a hardtop down the road, I don’t need to replace the strikers yet again. Softtop strikers work only for softtops, but hardtop strikers work for both.

Start by removing the sun visors, then the overhead light. The visors use a Torx 20, the light has 2 8mm bolts holding it on.

Once the visors and the light is removed, snap out the a-pillar garnish, and the overhead trim.

Then you have access to removing the old, worn out strikers. Make sure you have the proper size Phillips head screwdriver. Mine were easy to remove, but I’ve heard of others that had threadlocker on them.

Once the new strikers are in, re-install the trim, the light, and the visors. Test out the new strikers.

Before. Notice the slight gap around the top seal between the windshield and the soft top.

After. You can see the the top fits much more snug around the seal.

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