Sparco Evo2 fits… just barely.

Tall people and fa… uh… horizontally endowed people rejoice! We got a big boy seat to fit in the S2k… Just barely…

S2000 stock seats look great, are comfy, and offer mild support for the street, but lack real bolstering to make getting in and out of more convenient for your typical pleb. However, on track, you’ll find yourself sliding back and forth and bracing yourself with your knees and locking your arms against the wheel. Not only is this poor for car control and accurate inputs, but it’s also exhausting.

Installing a bucket seat can help to remedy that.

This Sparco Evo2 is probably as wide as you can go without removing interior parts. It’s pushed as far right as it will go and rubs hard on the leather center console and just barely touches the door, no dent or slamming required though. With Buddy Club Rails it just barely fits between the sill and the trans tunnel. I think it’s unlikely that this seat will fit with conventional side mounts. I tried to install with Recaro sidemounts and rails welded to a Planted lower bracket and just couldn’t make it happen.

The cubby still opens, though will hit the seat a little bit. The door closes without issue.


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