S2000 TCT Gasket Repair

While I was preparing to change the oil on my S2000, I found that I had an oil leak at the TCT (Timing Chain Tensioner). This is a known potential issue and is common for the gaskets to become flattened over time and create leaks.

So I ordered in some new gaskets and swapped them out over the weekend.

The job was fairly straightforward, but I was forced to remove the intake in order to gain the access that I needed. All in all took about 2 hours.

When reinstalling the TCT, you need to retract the worm gear by fastening a bolt into one of the oil ports. I don’t remember the exact size, but I was able to find what I needed at ACE. You need both a small bolt and a nut/washer that fits. You fasten the bolt, then righted the nut so that it holds the tension on the TCT worm gear and allows you to retract the tensioner for reinstallation. Once reinstalled, you remove the bolt and nut from the TCT and fasten the back cover back onto the TCT.

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