AP2 Wheels, Alignment

A couple of quick updates. I had picked up a set of AP2v2 wheels about a month ago, with RE71r tires on them. The tires are fairly worn, but should get me through a few events.

I mainly wanted them for the added width. OEM AP1 wheels are 16×6.5 and 16×7.5. The OEM AP2 Wheels are 17×7 and 17×8.5

I’m really happy with how they look, and the added grip is noticeable.

Lastly, I brought the car in to One6 Motorsports in Elk Grove Village, IL for a valve lash adjustment and alignment. They said the valves weren’t wildly off, about what you’d expect.

They also did the alignment, and I was please to be able to get a decent amount of front camber. I wouldve liked to get a tad more out of the rear, but it’ll still be a nice improvement for track and autocross over what the stock specs are.

The tech that worked on my car came up and chatted for a few minutes and complimented me on how clean the underside of the car was. He said it’s clear that the car was never driven in a Chicago Winter, as none of the bolts were seized up or corroded.

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