$40 Front Lip Install

I drive a lot for work. And when I say “a lot”, I mean over 45,000/year a lot. You tend to get bored passing through places like Paoli, IN, or Paris, IL. So as I travel through different cities, I usually check Craigslist, OfferUp, and Letgo to see whether there may be any good car part finds. A couple of months ago passing through some tiny town in southern Indiana I stumbled across someone selling a replica AP1 front lip for $30. So I met up with the guy and bought it.

That damn $30 led to about 4 hours of total work to get the thing fitted and installed. And it’s still not painted. Although I mainly want it to protect the front bumper from cone rash.

Anyway, the lip itself was slightly out of form, twisting a tad in the middle, etc. So I knew that I would need to hit it with the heat gun and work it into shape on the car.

The install was fairly straightforward. Just align and fasten. I picked up about $14 worth of misc screws and clips from ACE Hardware prior to getting started. So that I didn’t NOT have something that I might need. I also used this link to help figure out where/how to fasten. I placed 2 u-shape was her clips on the outer sides, then bent some bracket/clips to hold the front. I really didn’t want to be aimlessly drilling holes in my front bumper, so the front had to be done the way that I did it. I may still add some rivets or make the brackets out of a stronger material.

Below are a bunch of miscellaneous pictures throughout the process.

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