GMG Pellet Grill Brats

The great thing about the pellet grill, as opposed to a traditional smoker, is it’s versatility. With a temperature range from 150°F-500°F, I’m able to smoke at low temps as well as grill at high temps. Even though you’re not “smoking” the food, you’re still using wood as your source of fuel, and it certainly does add something w little “extra”.

When I want to grill food, I first adjust the heat deflector plates to provide DIRECT heat. This means orienting the deflectors so that the vent holes are both aligned open. For indirect heat, you would offset the holes.

Turn on the grill and set the heat to about 425°F.

For a dish where the star of the show doesn’t get much help from other ingredients, you want to use a good quality meat. In this case, fresh National Grand Champion Bratwurst from Ream’s Meat Market in Elburn, IL. If you’re in the northern Illinois area, you absolutely must check out their great selection. Their quality is unmatched.

I insert a digital thermometer into the end of one of the sausages and flip at about 125°F internal temp. 165°F is fully cooked, but with a pregnant wife I don’t take any chances so I cooked to about 185°F. Even cooking to this high temperature, I didn’t get any casing splitting. You need to get the casing nice and hot in order for it to have a nice SNAP when you bite into it. I usually flip a few times for a couple of minutes at the end just to make sure the casing browns up nice.

As a topper I threw some Old Fashioned sauerkraut into a hot skillet and browned it.

Add a squiggle of yellow mustard and you’ve got a hell of a brat. You could also use some good German brown mustard, but I didn’t have any.

Notice the faint pink smoke ring on the outer edges.

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