Project Mu HC+800 Bed-In

**Below is the bed-in procedure for Project Mu Racing brake pads. This is not necessary for regular street pads.**

I finally had a decent day to get out and bed in the new brake pads and rotors. The pads themselves didn’t come with any bed-in procedure instructions, so I emailed PMU and asked just to be sure. As expected, it’s pretty much the same as I’ve always done. A little more rigorous maybe.

The recommendation from Project Mu is 15-20 stops from 45-5mph. Then drive for about 5 minutes using minimal/no brake to let them cool a tad. Then 15-20 stops from 60-5mph. Park the car for several hours at least. You want the pads to completely cool to ambient.

I actually quit at 13 stops from 60-5 after the pads were smoking for 3 consecutive runs. I’ve got to imagine that they are now ready to go. I’m fortunate enough to have about 4 miles worth of a country rural road loop and only a few turns to get home once I’m done. In total took me about 20 minutes.

The car is parked for the night now, so it will completely cool to ambient. Make sure not to set your e-brake while the car is parked!

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