Smoked, Reverse-Seared Filet

Tried this out on Friday after getting home from a week long work trip. My wife bought a filet for me, and a stuffed chicken breast for herself, and we made our belated Valentine’s Day dinner.

Not much though went into this one, I pretty much adopted the method I use for smoked ribeyes exactly. Aside from the seasoning, which I only used kosher salt and cracked black pepper.

Set the smoker to 200*F, and the filet went on for about an hour. Until it reached an internal temp of 110*F.

When I pulled the filet off, it immediately went onto the flaming hot skillet which I had been heating for about 10 minutes on high. Note the red color of the outer bark on the filet. That is our “smoke ring” essentially.

I kept my thermometer in, and flipped the filet once it reached 125*F.

Once it hit 132*F, I pulled it off immediately and let it rest for 5-7 minutes to allow the juices to redistribute through the meat.

I tend to be more of a ribeye guy, but the filet done into this manner was still extremely good. It’s not as simple tasting as a traditionally cooked filet, but the smokiness added some complex flavor which I enjoy.

Overall, while I prefer the smoked ribeye due to the fat content, I would make this again. It was very tasty.

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