S2000 Wind Deflector Install

My S2000 didn’t come with the factory option wind deflector. On the highway, the amount of wind that whirls around and back into the driver compartment is pretty incredible around 60-70mph, so I figured it couldn’t hurt to add the deflector. Some people say it doesn’t do much, others say it is noticeable enough. If I don’t feel that it is enough of an impact, there are some aftermarket options that offer taller deflectors that reach the top of the roll hoops. Those are supposed to have a considerable impact. However, I have to imagine that even the small version will make a little bit of a difference over not having one at all.

I purchased a used deflector from a seller on the forum for $30, but it didn’t come with any hardware. I wanted it to look as close to OEM as possible, so I spent about 45 minutes at the local Ace Hardware putting together an assortment of machine bolts, nuts, and screw caps that I thought would work. All in all, the hardware that I used cost me around $2.25.

The round screw caps were too large to fit properly in the indentation, so I sanded them down into an oval shape. The one on the left has been sanded down, the one on the right is untouched, to show the amount I took off. After sanding the caps into an oval shape, I was extremely happy with how well they looked! This actually looks very similar to how the OEM hardware looks on the deflector.

Next, I had to drill the holes into the underside of the compartment lid. There are 2 indentations showing where you need to drill. I used 3 bits, progressively from small to the size of the machine screws I’m using.

Once the pilot holes were created from the underside, I closed the lid and drilled the next 2 sixes from the top.

Next I set the deflector into place and fed the screws through and twisted the nuts into place.

And the finished product!

Hopefully sometime this summer I can get around to replacing the nasty plastic window soft top…

2 thoughts on “S2000 Wind Deflector Install

  1. I am about to do the same.
    What’s the difference now?
    Did you have to upgrade?
    What exactly did you use to install it?


    1. Its not a huge difference, but some. Underneath the lid, youll see 2 round indentions. Thats where you drill. I just bought some black machine screws, washers, and nuts. Along with these little plastic cap things that i trimmed down to size with a dremel.

      Not sure what you mean by “do you have to upgrade?”


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