AP1 S2000 Cupholder Spring Fix

When I got my new AP1 S2000, there were a couple of little things that really were bugging me. One being the delamination of the rearview mirror finish (see fix here), and the other being that the cupholder lid didn’t automatically retract when you clicked it open.

The thing I love about older cars is that most things on them are mechanical. There is no absurd wiring in placing that it shouldn’t be, and everything comes apart pretty easily.

Yesterday I had some free time so I pulled out the center console and fixed the cupholder lid.

You start by removing the center console. There are 8 clips that hold it in place. So you need a small size flathead screwdriver to help pry it off. 2 in the front, 2 in the middle on the sides of the buttons, 2 on the front of the armrest, and 2 on the rear of the armrest. Slip the screwdriver under the corners and sides and GENTLY pry it up. Be very carefully because if you break the clips you’re going to be pissed.

Once the console tabs are disconnected, grab a 14mm wrench and use it to help remove the shift knob. There are also 2 plugs that snap into the buttons on the console for hazard lights and softtop operation. Unhook those, then carefully slide out the console.

Beneath the cupholder, I found that the spring had dislodged itself from its seat and was not creating any tension to retract the lid when it was pressed. The below picture shows the spring removed.

The spring itself has a couple of pieces that hang off the coiled edges that insert into a small hole in the black arm and wrap around and set into the little notch in the round gray piece. You insert the tiny spring so that the underside slips into the tiny hole in the seat, then use a very tiny flathead screwdriver to help hold it in place as you twist the spring counter-clockwise until the spring arm slips down into the notch.

And you’re done! Check for proper operation. It should operate as shown in the video below.

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