Smoked (then seared) Burger

Smoked burgers have easily become one of my wife and I’s favorite easy meals. The simple method takes ordinary ground beef burgers to the next level with very little effort. There are a couple of ways that I cook them on my Green Mountain Grill, and the method I used today is the smoke then sear method. Using this method you get a crispier bark on the burger, and after the smoking stage its a little quicker to get it to temp. However, when searing on the hot skillet, you don’t have much time to screw around before overcooking it.

First, I put a liberal amount of ribeye seasoning onto both sides of the burger and press it in. While you’re seasoning the burger, get your smoker started. Set the temp to 200*F.


Close the lid, flip after 30 minutes and remove after 1 hour. At about the 50 minute mark, place a cast iron skillet onto your stove and put the burner on high. You want to get the skillet nice and hot.

After pulling the burger off of the smoker, it will be around 130*F internal temperature (this is for a burger that is roughly 1/4#, and about 5/8″ thick). For medium rare, your target temp is 145*F-150*F. For medium/medium well your target is 160*F-165*F.

Once you get the burger on the skillet, you’re working with about 1 minute on each side. So you need to act quickly with your cheese and other topping that you may want to add. I was a little slow with my onion and cheese and left it on about 30 seconds longer than I should’ve, leading to a more medium/medium-well temperature.

This step is extremely smoky, so make sure that you have windows/doors open and your range fan on HIGH.


Once you pull the burger, let it rest for 3-4 minutes and throw your bun onto the hot skillet. Brown the cut halves for about 20-30 seconds.

Assemble and dress the burger to your liking. I used yellow onion, American cheese, avocado, tomato, ketchup/mustard.

Notice the nice little smoke rings around the bark.


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