S2000 Brake Upgrade

Spent most of my Saturday upgrading the brake system on the S2000. The previous owner had installed some drilled/slotted rotors and pads of unknown brand, so I wanted to get them swapped out for something that I knew could handle track duty. Slotted rotors are great, but drilled/slotted is a no-no for the track due to their greater likelihood to crack under high temps.

The tricky part about this brake upgrade was choosing the pads. I wanted something that wasn’t too track-oriented for the street, but wasn’t too street-friendly to handle track temps. There isn’t one pad that can do everything extremely well, so I did some research on a number of different options and finally chose the Project Mu HC+800.

The pad is described as a dual-duty street/track pad, that I believe will give me streetability and plenty of stopping power on the track with the level of power/grip that my stock AP1 has. The HC+800 has a max operating temp of nearly 1500*F, which should be suitable for my needs at my current driver level.

HC800 Graph


The other products that I purchased were a full set of slotted Stoptech brake rotors, Goodridge stainless steel lines, and Castrol SRF brake fluid.


All-in-all the job took about 6.5 hours. But probably 2.5 of that was changing the lines and bleeding all of the air out of the brake system. Since my wife was out of town, I was able to pull the cars into the driveway and park just the S2000 in the garage. So I was in zero rush. It’s far more therapeutic when you don’t have a deadline to finish the job, and you can take your time to do everything right, torque everything to spec, inspect the components, etc. I will say, this car is SUPER clean. The previous owner said it never saw winter, and I absolutely believe it. There isn’t a spec of surface rust on any of the components and the bushings all look to be in great shape.

Last year, I also installed a couple of LED lights on the upper sides of my garage. I got to try them out, and they worked great!


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